As owners and operators of Calvert Ways Pet Sitting, we have been pet owners all of our life. Growing up around assorted types of cats, dogs, fish, birds - not to forget the pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, bunnies, hamsters and even a few mice, which started a love and respect for all animals that has grown more each year.

While preparing to take a vacation in January 2006, we were unable to locate a pet sitter that was available for our Woogie and we had to cancel our plans rather than subject him to a kennel. As being retired from Verizon, I found that I now had the time to follow my heart and assist people in simplifying their lives and give them peace of mind by providing the means to keep happy healthy pets and a more secure home........thus, CWPS (Calvert Ways Pet Sitting) was born.

And now the story continues, after 10 years of faithful service in Calvert County MD and another retirement from Metro, we were ready to semi-retire and the best place to do that is in Northumberland County. We are looking forward to meeting new people and pets......and now we are CWPS Ltd (Calvert Ways Pet Sitting Limited) and Promised Land Handyman Services. Also providing other services which include Inwater boat or yacht delivery by Licensed US Coast Guard Master Captain, serving the Mid-Atlantic and Driver services by Class A CDL licensed driver, with all endorsements, drug tested and background checked.

Pet First Aid Certified - Southern Maryland Red Cross
*Former Member - PSI * Pet Sitters International *As of 3/1/11, with rising gas prices and almost everything else, in an attempt to keep our fees from doing the same, we have decided Not to stay a member of PSI as we are an established company and the only service they provided for us was their 'Locate a Pet Sitter' service.
Member and Fully Insured - PSA * Pet Sitters Associates
Member - PUPS * Professional United Pet Sitters
Member - ASPCA * The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 
Member - HSUS *Humane Society of the United States
Life Member of Verizon Telecom Pioneers committed to making a positive difference in the community.

All of this and deep sincere love of animals, provides us with the best experience in what it means to care for your beloved pet and give that extra-special personal touch that you and your pets will appreciate. We will provide love, life care, respect and companionship for your pets and home, according to the guidelines and instructions you set out for us.

We are very reliable, trustworthy, non-smoking husband and wife team. We live in the Ophelia area and are Not a franchise or in any way linked to a franchise. We do Not hire employees so we can assure you that your pets and home will be treated with the same love, care and respect that we treat our own. When we come to your home and meet you and your pets, you can be assured that we will be the only ones coming to care for your home and loved ones.

About Our Website - please note that our website was built, from scratch, by us alone. This is not just another generic form website built by a professional webmaster to get your attention. We know it's not fancy like the professional websites but we wrote and firmly believe every word. We understand how important it is for you to have peace of mind and get the best care possible for your home and pets. What you see and read is what you get.... open, honest and caring. We have tried to provide you with enough information so that you can get to know us but if you have any questions, ideas, comments or concerns, just email or call and we will be more the happy to talk with you. 


As a member of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC), we are fully insured by Pet Sitters Insurance Program, exclusively for members of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC (Administered by: Insurance Facilities Eau Claire, WI and Underwritten by an: A.M. Best rated: A (Excellent) Insurance Company).


Garrett's Story 

Cinder was a very young, very pregnant black lab/husky mix in a West Virginia shelter that was scheduled to be euthanized. When the call went out to rescue groups, CAWL (Calvert Animal Welfare League) took her in and on 2/12/07 she gave birth to 7 adorable pups. All her pups were immediately adopted and you would think.....they lived happily ever after.... but not for Garrett (originally know as Rock). He was adopted by a truck driver looking for a road companion but was returned the next day. He was then adopted by a family in CRE but again, was returned after just a couple weeks. Arriving at CAWL for my routine volunteer work, I inquired as to the reason that "Rock" had been returned, yet again. The reason given to CAWL was because he was not house broken and he chews. Imagine that, a three month old lab mix puppy that chews and needs to be house broken?! As I looked into his eyes, he said, "Please take me home", so now the story will end....and they lived happily ever after.

We had an interesting update in July 2011 - although we were told and have always believed that Garrett is a lab mix, I spoke to the Dad of Garrett's brother who had a blood DNA test done at Prince Frederick Animal Hospital and believe it or not the results came back as Chinese Shar-pei and Standard Schnauser. Despite the results of the test, we still believe he is a lab mix due to his features. What do  you think?


What To Expect


When you call, you may receive voice mail because we are in and out all day. Please leave your name and number and we will contact you shortly. When we return your call, we will need to ask some basic information, where you are located, what service you need, the dates that you would need the service, etc. Once we talk and we both determine that a meeting is required, we will arrange a Free 'Get Acquainted' visit to your home.

If you require our Pet Services, we will come to your house to:

Meet you and your pets
Together, we can decide on the services that will fit you and your pets individual needs. Every pet is special in their own way and we need your help to keep them happy.
If your pet growls, snaps or bites during the visit, understand that you may be asked to make other arrangements for your pets care.
If at that point, you are interested in hiring us and we agree to accept the assignment, we will get more information about what you and your pets need and fill out a detailed contract.

Get detailed information about caring for your pets
How many visits each day
Care for your pets
feed and water
clean up (scoop through kitty litter, etc.)
exercise - playtime and/or walking
required medication
special information only you know that will keep your pet happy
Courtesy duties (upon request - No Extra Charge)
give your home that "lived in" look
bring in mail and/or paper
adjust draperies or shades
turn lights, radio and/or tv on or off
water plants (following your instructions)
special requests
Read over carefully and sign detailed contract
Receive payment - in full
Take key (if key not available, a key pick-up charge will apply)
After you return we will (at your request) either;
Return your key - Extra Visit Charge
Keep key for future services - No Charge
Make other arrangements - agreeable to both parties.

 If your pet requires medication, we must be assured at the 'Get Acquainted' visit that this will be an obtainable goal. This pertains, but not restricted to, cats with claws. Injections will be discussed in advance. Sorry but no contract will be accepted with diabetic animals as they need to be monitored constantly.

When we come to your home for the Free 'get acquainted' meeting, it is recommended that we come close to your departure date so your pets (especially dogs) will remember us on the first visit. If you suspect that your dogs temperament may be a problem, we will be glad to come out for an additional meeting at a standard visit cost. You are under no obligation to use our services, as we are also under no obligation to accept until the contract is filled out.

We welcome all questions. It is understood that this is a big decision you are making and we want you to feel absolutely confident about your final choice. If you have a special situation or request that we have not listed, we will be glad to discuss it with you. 

If you require services other than Pet Services, we still require a 'Get Acquainted' visit prior to the service you need in order to find out exactly how we can best serve you, fill out a contract, obtain a key (if required) and collect payment in advance. 
A standard 'Get Acquainted' visit should be 30 minutes or less and is Free, no matter which service you request. If you wish to extend the visit beyond the initial 30 minutes, our standard rate will apply. 

Service Area  

We cover the area of  Northumberland County in the Northern Neck including Ophelia 22530, Burgess 22432, Lower Heathsville 22473, Edwardsville 22456, Wicomico Church 22579 and Reedville 22539. The coverage area is a 10 mile radius of Ophelia. If you are slightly outside of this area, we will consider your request, however, there will be additional mileage fees. 


Keep in mind that there are many costs covered by the fee we charge. Rates are determined so as to cover our fuel, vehicle maintenance, insurances, advertising costs, office supplies, membership fees and most of all, our time and experience. So while, at first, it may sometimes seem like an expensive endeavor, remember the many benefits, not least of which are peace of mind and quality care for your pet and your own home while saving you valuable time. Also note that a kennel will not only charge you the initial stay fee for each pet but also extra for exercise time, giving medication, etc. while we care for all of your pets needs, along with your home, for no extra charge.   

A visit rate pertains to any services offered; Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Potty Breaks, House Sitting and LockOut Services. Additional fees beyond the initial basic rate would be determined by you and your pets individual needs ( See policies for more details ).  We do Not do overnights or stay in your home beyond the 30 minute visit time unless scheduled differently by you. As always, special requests will be considered on a case by case basis. We do Not charge extra for multiple pets, as most other Pet Sitters do, but please keep in mind, there is only so much we can accomplish in a regular 30 minute visit and an extended visit may be required. As part of the service industry, tips are greatly appreciated.

All Visits Start at $23 Per Visit except on Holidays
Extended visit
- $7 Per Visit Per 15 Minute Increment above the Initial 30 Minute Visit

*Holiday Visits Start at $30 Per Visit
*Holiday Extended Visit
- $10 Per Visit Per 15 Minute Increment above the Initial 30 Minute Visit

* Holidays include: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

As everyone is an individual and has different circumstances which may cause rates to vary depending on your requests. Please call and we will be glad to give you a quote for your individual needs.

********* Unavailable Dates and Times *********

As we are semi retired now, there will be incidences that we are unavailable, if this occurs, we will post the dates and times here to keep you informed. If Day or Time is Not listed, We Are Available on a first come, first serve basis.

A Special Note in regards to Winter coverage, in case of snow or icy conditions, coverage may Not be available. Previously, we have driven through Hell and High Water to get to our customers but have discovered that the roads in this area are not treated as well as we were used to and needing to make multiple visits using those bad roads has given us pause, which is why we are now CWPS Limited. If we accept the pleasure of caring for your furry family and bad weather arises, alternative plans should be in place to accommodate.
                Monday 5/18/20 * 8a til 2p
                Friday 5/22/20 * 7a til 10a
                Tuesday 6/9/20 * 7a til 3p
                Tuesday 8/11/20 * 7:30a til 10a  

Please Note:
When contacting us via email, we will respond generally within a few hours. If you do Not get a timely reply, please call 804-761-3628, our internet maybe down.  Technology is a wonderful thing but when it breaks..........

*General Contact Information * We Do Not Text as we Do Not have a 'smartphone' and, therefore, do Not have internet once we are out of the office but Please feel free to email anytime and we will reply once we return to the office. If it is a timely/urgent matter, Please Call but we would greatly appreciate that you only call during our office hours unless we are caring for your pets and/or property at the time. Keep in mind, although we do Not text, if you text us, we will call you or reply with just a 2 to 3 letter answer, yes, no, ok, etc.

                                                                                                   Pet Sitting Visits Required

How many times a day we come to your home depends upon you and your pet.
Most dogs require a minimum of two visits per day.
Cats usually require a minimum of one visit per day.
Other pets will be up to the discretion of the pet owner.

Most all dogs really need to be seen at least twice a day for vacation sitting. Some dogs only need 1 visit a day if they have access to the outside and are used to being left alone for a good part of the day. We recommend three visits for most dogs, especially if they are used to human interaction. They will get bored and possibly depressed or even become destructive to the house or yard if they are alone all day. Although three visits is the most requested, in some cases, two visits would be sufficient but some dog owners request as many as four visits. It all depends on your unique situation and the comfort level of you and your dogs.

Most cats do well with one visit a day, depending on their feeding schedule and how much attention makes them comfortable.

We recommend that every pet be seen at least once every day. We will Not take a contract on a dog without at least a minimum of one visit per day (even with a doggie door) and cats, no less than every other day.

If you are still undecided regarding the number of visits you would need, here is an approximation of our standard visit times but are negotiable to fit your pets needs.
Two Visits a Day Request - We visit somewhere between 6 and 8 A.M. and the same time in the evening to keep the visits no longer than 12 hours (example - if we come 7 A.M., we would also come at 7 P.M.).
Three Visits a Day Request - We visit  somewhere between 6 and 8 A.M., again between 12 and 2 P.M. and the last visit of the day between 7 and 9 P.M.
Four Visits a Day Request - The first visit is between 5 and 7 A.M., second visit is between 11 A.M. and 1 P.M., third visit between 4 and 6 P.M. and the fourth visit between 9 and 11 P.M.

When we come to your home for the visits, we will leave a brief Visit Summary Report of our combined time together on the last visit, as most visits are routine care, feed, water, walking, scooping, etc., whichever applies or, if you prefer, we will email the report to you. Of course if you have any questions at all while you are away or upon your return, Please do not hesitate to call or email

                                                                                           What We Do in a Nutshell

We simply come to Your home and care for your pets and home. We do Not bring your pets to our home. Due to regulations and insurance issues, bringing your pet to our home would put us into the same regulation category as a kennel and we would have to follow the same rules set for a kennel which would defeat our purpose. Our goal is to keep your pets in your home where they are happy and comfortable and where we can also care for your homes necessities. We do Not 'spend the night' as we have our own fuzzy at home eagerly waiting our return. We provide our phone number and email address on each page so you can easily contact us. No matter how small the question, please ask.

Scheduling Visits should be done in a timely manner to ensure space is available especially around Holiday time. As a limited service provider, we schedule around your needs but if you wait until the last minute to schedule, we may be unavailable. We understand that sometimes plans change at the last minute and will do our very best to accommodate your needs but can Not 100% guarantee it. If you are contemplating any time away that will require your pets and home to be cared for, contacting us with a tentative date plan so we can mark our schedule and adjust our plans accordingly until your plans are fully in place would be a big advantage to us all.

In Addition to Pet Sitting, CWPS also provides the following services as needed.

Dog Walking

Quality daily exercise time is extremely important for your pets physical and mental health. Size does Not matter, they all need exercise just as much as they need your love. Even if you have a fenced in yard where your dog can run and play or take them to the dog park, they still need their walks.

As weather allows, we will walk your pet around your neighborhood for approximately 25 minutes so they can work off any pent up energy. This helps keep them healthy and from becoming bored which may lead to possible destructive behavior. Walking schedules can be set up to match your individual needs, as a one time, occasional or regular basis. If you are home or not and too busy or unable to walk your pets for any reason, we can be there for you. Extended time walks are also an option. We do Not 'share walk' with other customers pets (unless requested by you) so we can devote our full attention to only your pets. 

Do you have neighbors that do not leash their dogs or strays roaming the neighborhood that may cause a potential hazard to your pet?  Don't worry! We always carry protection to prevent any situation from turning bad. Your pet and their safety is our first concern.

Although dogs are the prevalent walkers, cats are Not excluded. If your cat is leash trained and likes going for walks, we will be more than glad to accommodate them. They need exercise also.                                                                  

Potty Break 

The Potty Break was designed for dogs as a Doggie Day Care Alternative. As dog owners with long work days, the last thing you need is to leave earlier and get home later due to transporting your dogs back and forth every day. This is not only inconvenient to you but also for your beloved pet who would rather sleep in their own comfy bed.

Most dogs will do their best to cross their legs until you return home, but accidents will happen. A Potty Break is most important for puppies and older dogs but all dogs love it. Potty Breaks not only create a break in the boredom, but also relieves stress physically and mentally from them and their bladders. As dogs are very social, they crave human interaction. Even if you have more than one pet, it is still not the same as human contact. We can also help reinforce any commands that you may be training your dog. 

We schedule to come around the middle of your work day and go for a walk unless requested not to by you and, of course, weather permitting. If the weather is bad, we will let them out to "do their business" and than it's playtime and a treat for happy wagging tails.
Keep in mind, we need your input to tell us what keeps those tails wagging and will use all information provided by you to meet your dogs individual needs.

Again, we do not want to exclude cats. Most cats are fine with your away time but, there are some cats that crave human attention. If you have one of these cats, we will be glad to accommodate them with lots of love and attention.

Please Note: this service is now on a very limited basis, please call or email to see if we can accommodate your needs.

House Sitting 

When you are away from home there is nothing more disturbing than not knowing what’s going on at home. That's where we can help...We are not a home security alarm service, but our visits help deter intruders by giving your home the 'Lived-In' look. Your home deserves only the best protection while you are away! We take the security and integrity of your home very seriously! While we are on the premises, ONLY those people you have authorized shall be permitted to set foot on your property. Any unauthorized visitors will be removed by the police. It is our policy to work closely with local police departments to prevent any suspicious activity.                 

We will:

Bring in mail, paper, deliveries and door hangers 
Adjust draperies and/or shades
Turn on/off radio or tv
Turn lights on/off in alternating rooms
Take out or bring in trash receptacles
Water plants
Check doors and windows to make sure they are secure
Check for emergencies - water leaks, electricity off, etc.
Special requests

Your away time will be stress free knowing that your home is being cared for by reliable, trustworthy,  non-smoking professional adults. If your stay away is for an extended period of time, we will even cut grass, shovel snow, water lawn, etc. We will also do some light cleaning so your home will be like when you left. If an emergency occurs, we will contact you or your trusted contractor specified by you on the contract.

Very simply, we come to your home, take care of it according to your specifications and leave. We do not 'spend the night' so no one will be sleeping in your bed, eating your food, using your 'stuff', etc. We are very respectful to your property and know you want it to be the same when you return as when you left.

LockOut Service

Another benefit of being a Calvert Ways customer and keeping your keys on file with us is that you can call us in case you are locked out of your home. Why call a locksmith when we can let you in? We'll get your keys and get you inside as soon as possible! Also, if you are away from home and need someone 'let in' (relative, delivery, etc), you can call and provide a preapproved 'code word' to prove who you are and we will go open the door for you. 

                                       CWPS Contract/Invoices and Forms 

CWPS requires a separate contract for All services listed above, in advance. The contract not only gives us precise directions from you but also gives us permission to be on your property and is required for insurance purposes. Our contracts are very detailed because we take your pets, your home and both yours and our safety very seriously. You only have to fill out the contract one time. Once the contract is in place, future visits are as easy as an email or phone call. Just like you, your pet has their own personality and needs specialized attention. The more information you supply us, the better we can satisfy you and your pets individual needs.

Please review the contract that pertains to your needs. You may print and fill them out prior to our 'Get Acquainted' meeting as a convenience to you. If you have more than one pet, you will need the Additional Pet form for each extra pet because we need to know what each pet needs to be happy and healthy. If you have any questions, Please call or email, you and your pets will be very glad that you did.




Office Hours

9 AM - 5 PM * Monday - Friday (except Holidays)

Payment Methods

Cash is always preferred
Money Order

Call Us 804-761-3628

Send us an e-mail:

Fax Available - email or call first for instructions

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