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In Home Professional Pet Sitting

Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter is a highly recommended alternative to having your pets go to a boarding facility, staying with friends or having the teenager next door 'stop by'. Professional pet sitting provides your pets the care they need while you travel right in your home and you get the peace of mind knowing that your home and pets are being well cared for. The incredible growth of the in-home pet care industry over the past few years is evidence of very satisfied owners with happy, healthy pets. 

Calvert Ways Pet Sitting - Southern Calvert County Maryland Kennel and Doggie Day Care Alternative for happy healthy pets and people * Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Taxi, Potty Breaks, Kitty Litter Clean Up, Poop Scooper, 'Lived In' look House Sitting for Home Security, Errand Service and Special Requests

      Better Alternative

Pet sitting has become the new, and for most, better alternative to boarding or kenneling pets. Your pets are able to stay in their own environment and on their own schedule. Pets, even more so than humans, crave continuity and ritual. Changes in environment can be very upsetting and even dangerous to young, elderly, or infirm pets. Keeping them in their own home significantly reduces the stress of your absence. The familiar environment, diet and exercise routine along with the personal attention that Calvert Ways provides, keeps your pets happy during your absence, plus your pets have minimal exposure to illness and negative behavior from other animals. Allowing your pets to remain in your home where they are happy, healthy and cared for by CWPS gives you peace of mind, as well as your pets. For those that have opted for a Professional Pet Sitter, the difference in your pets upon your return is quite apparent! 

How to Choose the Right Pet Sitter

Choosing a Pet Sitter is just as important as choosing a Baby Sitter. Your pets are part of your family and deserve to be treated appropriately. Check out qualifications. What are their policies? How much experience do they have? Do they have Pet First Aid certification? Do they have insurance? Are they someone with experience who really cares or just looking to make a few extra dollars? Age and experience add a lot to the responsibility factor. Be cautious of  'Testimonials'. As in all aspects on the internet, just because you see it in writing, doesn't mean it's true. That is why we invite you to call us and ask any questions you may have, we are an open book. You will get honest, straight forward answers. If you ask something that we can't answer, we will tell you that also but we may be able to lead you in the right direction. Please be sure to visit our About Us page to get to know us better. 

You are Number One 

We realize that nothing or no one can take your place and your pets are never totally happy being away from you. We understand that you can't be with your best friend all day, everyday, but you can help your loved ones to be more content during the times that you are away. Our goal and purpose is to provide the very best care for your pets when you are otherwise occupied. We treat your pets with the same love, care and respect as we treat our own. 

'Lived-In' Look 

There is no extra charge for this special service when we care for your pets while you are away, which may provide additional security against possible intrusions. For dog owners, it has been proven that a barking dog will also deter burglars (unless they're in the kennel). Even a small dog will deter most thieves. A barking growling dog can seem much more dangerous and people have an ingrained urge to run from an aggressive sounding animal no matter how small. Keeping your dog home while you are away, provides this added protection. We can also react to unexpected household events like broken or leaking pipes, power failures, etc. in addition to the everyday tell-tale signs that a house is temporarily unoccupied that burglars actively look for. We also treat your home with the same care and respect as we treat our own.


       Professional Pet Sitting Benefits Your Pets 

Stays in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of their own home
The trauma of being in unfamiliar, sometimes loud and noisy, busy and crowded surroundings is eliminated
Receive lots of personal love and care as instructed by you
Medications and feedings at regular times, ensuring a consistent schedule that they expect
Not traumatized by travel in a vehicle
Cared for by a Reliable Trustworthy Professional Adult
Walked and/or exercised according to a regular schedule
Not exposed to kennel cough, fleas, parasites, other animals or sickness

Professional Pet Sitting Benefits You

Peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pet and home are being cared for by a Reliable Trustworthy Professional Adult
The inconvenience of drop off and pickup at the kennel is eliminated
Your home is benefited by the 'Lived In' Look which may help deter burglars
No inconvenience to your friends or family to care for your home or pets
Barking dogs help burglarproof your home
Eliminates the need to stop mail and paper delivery
Bring in door hangers and deliveries inside off of your doorstep
Plants watered at no extra charge
Best of all, when you come home you will be greeted by your very happy and healthy pet!

Simplify Your Life


CWPS can provide many other ways to assist you in your busy life in addition to pet sitting. Your time is valuable - Think about it, what is your time worth? Here are a few more ways we can help simplify your life that can either be set up as a one time service, occasional or as a regular scheduled service. 

 Dog Walker - Don't leave your dog inside. Get them out and exercise! It is extremely important for their health and prevents boredom. We will take your dogs and cats walking around your neighborhood. 

Potty Breaks - We will let your pet out to do their business in the middle of your busy day! We go for a walk or playtime and a treat. 

House Sitter - If you do not have pets and are planning to travel but do not want to leave your home unattended and susceptible to intrusions, we will provide house sitting service and give your home the 'Lived In' look.  

LockOut Service - If we have your key on file, we can come to your house and unlock your door if you get locked out.

 Special Requests - Visit our 'About Us' page for more details.

For more detailed information, Please go to our About Us page.

Don't forget to visit our
You and Your Pet page for helpful hints, ideas and important information to keep your pet happy and healthy. 

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